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take a huge toll on our bodies and can cause disease and other health issues.

Experience these amazing therapies today and

stop living in pain! 


Limited Time Offer: 
$29.00 for an initial consultation 
and your first treatment!

Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch within

1-2 business days.


Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy Benefits:
Improved Circulation & Cell Function
Improved Immune Function
Stress Reduction
Improved Sleep
Pain Relief
Tissue Regeneration

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Benefits:
Pain Relief
Reduced Inflammation
Accelerated Recovery
Improved Function & Mobility


After injuring my shoulder at work, I couldn't raise my arm to dry my hair, 3 weeks later my shoulder was pain free. My goal was to able to throw a ball and swim this summer! Thanks to PEMF I healed quickly and back into action.

Sue Werth


My 1st session with PEMF literally unclogged my legs and reduced swelling in my achy knees. Next day, I got on a plane for my vacation without pain or aches or swelling.

Michelle Best